January 13, 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year and I sure look forward to good things to come. We didn’t travel west to explore/dig for fossils last summer (2020) because couldn’t find the intellectual room to label a trip as essential travel; so greatly missed my time, friends and exploration last summer. I sure hope we’ll be out west later this summer. Hopefully the vaccine rollout will continue to get better and more and more of us will line up for our shot in the arm as we look forward to a better year.

I am setting up tentative plans now for a July-August time frame for prospecting new sites as well as completing our dig begun a couple years ago on “Clarence” the hadrosaur specimen from Montana. We removed around 50 of “his” bones (don’t know the actual gender but I just feel he’s a he!) in 2019 and had to close up the dig season with at least a couple of bones found still heading back into the hillside – so maybe that sly guy’s skull may yet be found?!

Been fairly busy in the workshop this winter so far although with the pandemic precautions keeping me mostly hunkered down around home & shop you’d think I would have worked on a lot more fossil preparation. I suppose I’ve been a little lethargic just because? Not had any helper/interns in the workshop once Covid started so that’s a contributing factor, for sure.

Here’s the sacral vertebrae from a hadrosaur that we worked on from a specimen excavated in 2018.

Same sacrum along with some vertebrae from the backbone and a couple of hip bones all from same animal.