July 8, 2021

We’re taking off in the morning for the 2021 field season dig. Going first to visit a good friend in the Black Hills of South Dakota then heading up to Montana to prospect for dinosaur fossils. The rig is set and loaded, all systems have been tested, the supply lists have been checked off, some groceries gotten, I think it’s go time. We plan to take off early tomorrow morning and will get where we’re going when we get there. No watch necessary on fossil trips.

We left an existing dig in 2019 with one bone still heading back into the hillside. I’ll be re-exposing it & chasing it back into the hill to see if there are any more bones left from this specimen. We recovered about 50 bones from this one animal and hope that there is more there. If the skull is found – I’ll post some photos right away – you all will be the second to know!

Elizabeth is going out with me on this year’s adventure. Driving out west with me and will spend about a week to see what this dinosaur nonsense is all about. It will be her first time being out in the field with us on a dig. She’s packed and ready to go and is going over last things that need tended to at home before she leaves. Here she is nicely cutting some fresh flowers to give to our neighbor, Meri, as a parting gift. (Elizabeth hopes we get some rain here in Indiana while she’s gone but has watering hoses laid out in several places for our neighbor to just turn on then off if it doesn’t rain)