Tuesday, July 13

Been offline for a couple of days. Had a great time visiting friends on their cattle ranch near Hot Springs, SD. Not like anything my wife, Elizabeth, imagined a working ranch could look like. She seems to be enjoying the sights and insights she’s picking up visiting some of the people and places I’ve come to love.

Elizabeth on our friend’s ranch.

Some of Eliza’s new best friends hoping, hoping that she has some treats for them!

My photos may not load from my connection here and if not I’ll try again shortly.

Having fun in the road near Devil’s Tower Monument in Wyoming.

We also saw the beautiful Black Hills of S. Dakota as well as a drive-by look at Mount Rushmore.

We moved from SD to another cattle ranch, this one in Montana, where we set up the camper Monday evening and enjoyed a steak dinner on the grill. This is where we have an active dig site and will be prospecting for a new specimen!