Friday, 7/16

Rained a bit in the morning so delayed our going out into the field. If we get a “real” rain the soil exposed on the ranch trails we drive becomes super slick, more treacherous than any ice I’ve ever driven on. That coupled with all the ups & downs we travel makes getting out (or worse, getting back to camp) really hard. So we waited a bit.

After lunch went back to the established dig. Uncovered some more small fragments that look like turtle shell and small pieces of bone. Plan to dig more aggressively into the about 3’ high walls around what is now the edge of the excavation to see if any more bones are left. We excavated, plaster jacketed and removed about 50 bones here in 2019. Goal now is to determine if any more are here before we call it quits on this dig.

A fiend is coming out on Monday afternoon for a week so I’m saving the more aggressive digging for when there are at least two of us.

Forecast is for high 90’s to 100 degrees and change of thunderstorms for the next several days – I’m going to wait for some help before tearing into heavy digging!

Came in from the dig around 6pm because of the building dark skies and rumblings above. See note above about not wanting to drive out on the trails in the rain. Cleaned up, had dinner, then went into town to get on the Internet for a couple of chores then to my favorite watering hole – Old Skool brew pub. Ran into Dave, one of the owners, and visited with him and tried his suggested mix up of two different beers into one glass – I was t sure if he was joking but I liked it, so the jokes on him I guess!

As I drove from camp into town at least six rural fire vehicles passed me going the opposite direction. It started to rain and I saw a lot of lightning (not a welcome site out in the grasslands). Once in town I got a text saying there was a grass fire about 10 miles north-west of my camp. Then an hour later I got a call from a friend saying a new fire started close to me. I took off from town to see if I could help fight the fire & to check on camp. Was spotty rain and continued lighting visible on the drive back. Saw a group of red lights from fire vehicles on the horizon a couple of times that broke the blackness of the night sky. A bit eerie to catch a glimpsed these red lights as I crest a hill in the road then see them instantly disappear as I drive on. Hard to tell where the fire was. Seemed to be a couple of miles north of my camp. That’s close. I was dark out but by the time I got close I thankfully didn’t see any flames or notice smell of smoke. Got a text that the fire crew was “mopping up” and didn’t need any help so I went back to camp.

Other than that, a nice evening!