Saturday, 7/17

Got up and going into the field to prospect for some new finds this morning. Stopped at a couple locations I’ve never walked before and at a few I’ve found fossils in the past. Got lost in my thoughts and just searched around for hours. Found a few interesting micro fossils (small bits & pieces like teeth and small bones). Here’s a photo of a raptor tooth found today. Not sure what species it’s from but definitely from a meat eating dinosaur.

Here’s a photo of the fire that was about 3 miles from my base camp. When I saw this it was a serious reminder of the danger of grass fires. It was closer to me than I thought last night.

I was inspired by my wife who was here last week to take some nature photos showing the beauty of the landscape. Here are a couple of them –

My plan was to return to the hadrosaur dig but I didn’t make it. Searched other areas and just wandered around. I got ready to take a break and find a place up high to make a phone call. But then started hearing thunder and watched a serious cloud bank move in. So decided to get going and make a call from somewhere closer to camp. Here’s what I saw moving in so I moved out!