Sunday, 7/18

I think the story of the day today was heat. It really is unusually hot for this part of Montana. Normally it can be 100 degrees in the sun, but when you get into some shade it’s a significant relief – not right now. Even with the wind there seems to be little no place to hide. The wind is super warm and the temperature isn’t dropping much at night. It’s 7pm now, the sun is low in the sky, there’s a good breeze but it’s still almost 100 degrees. It usually cools off quite a bit at night and hoodies are in order, but not now.

I went to the hadrosaur site to layout the grid for mapping and remove more of the surrounding rock nearest the last bone we’ve found. I mapped the partial scapula(?) and a couple of small fragments of turtle shell and unidentified bone then dug into the side walls to search farther away from the last bone found. Didn’t get too far and didn’t find any other bones yet. We’ll hit this dig site a little harder to expand it out to confirm there are no more bones here before we call it done.

I also prospected some new territory I have never been on before for a couple of hours. I hiked around and up & down for a good distance not seeing any sign of fossilized bone scrap pieces weathering out then on the last bit I started to see the telltale signs of evidence of dinosaur bones hiding nearby. Found several small fragments of definite fossil bone! It’s the sign that something is either starting to weather out of the ground – or – we’re too late and the bone(s) have been fully exposed through erosion and all that’s left are these tiny scraps of bone. Too tired and too hot to fully investigate up the hillside, but marked the location for further exploration.

Saw this “toadstool” or “hoodoo” while exploring for new finds –

Going to Dickinson, ND tomorrow afternoon to pick up Jason who’s coming out to explore with me for a week. Look forward to having a partner to work with and complain about the heat to!