Tuesday, 7/20

Had a good breakfast in camp, made some sandwiches to take along for lunch, stocked the cooler with water and headed out. Jason & I prospected some areas he & I had explored together in years past (Jason’s 3rd time on a dig with me here at this ranch). Didn’t see much, but good to just be able to start to spot weathered bone fragments that are eroding out of the hills. Kind of gets your eyes accustomed to seeing the difference between fossil and rock. Hard to determine sometimes.

We then went to the hadrosaur site to put a plaster & burlap field jacket on the scapula (?) piece that may be the last bone from this specimen. We got it jacketed and then started removing significant amounts of overburden rock to see if there are any more bones left to be found. And … Jason brought good luck, as he has done before at previous digs. and we found more bones! At least two more have begun to be exposed.

We ran out of time as two storm cells seemed to be converging right above us so we cleaned up, covered the site and headed back to camp to clean up and then head into town for dinner and to stock up on ice. We’ll see how much we expose tomorrow!