Wednesday, 7/21

We were out on the ranch all day today. We prospected for new finds by just exploring up and down the hills & buttes. Jason found a few random signs of dinosaur bone and I saw a couple but nothing seemed to come from any of them. Although one site he found had quite a bit of very mineralized bone at the surface it was hard to expose more of it as we up high on a steep and crumbly hillside. There was a good amount of bone so we marked this location and will return in earnest to dig out some of the overburden to see what’s there.

We also prospected around the site where we dug the hadrosaur we named Juliet. Jason has not been back to this site since he helped dig on it in 2014. Here are a couple of photos from up on top of the butte above Juliet.

We also saw the back of what looked like a bison (buffalo) skull stuck in a hillside; like it had been on the run and slammed right into a hillside! That’s not what happened but a fun story. After a combined effort here’s what we removed –

Back to camp for showers, some rest and dinner. Another good day.