Friday, 7/23

We got up and got going this morning early to get to the hadrosaur dig site. Uncovered and shook off some leftover rainwater off the tarp and got our collection of tools out. Started by digging up the top layer of wet soils (maybe 1/2″ deep is all the hard rain penetrated) and tossing them out of the dig hole. Our trench we installed around the top of the dig helped direct the rain from the hill above off to the sides of our pit. Jason and I spent time carefully clearing off the layers of overburden a tiny slice at a time and uncovered the beginnings of more bone and turtle shell and other goodies! Found a crocodile tooth, some small crocodile scutes (scales) and more scattered bits of turtle shell along with larger pieces of turtle and several more starts to bones. All very exciting to me to find more in this dig site that I thought may every well be done and devoid of any more when I left it last in 2019. There’s more! Who knows, there may just be a skull lurking back in the hillside, if we have enough gusto to remove the hill above it one shovel full at a time?

Jason went on a walk about to prospect for new finds while I re-laid out the grid pattern over the dig so I could document where each piece of bone is relative to all the others that have come out of this dig both in 2019 and so far this season. Took me a while to get it all set up and properly added to the map. As Jason headed back I started cleaning up and packing up this site for the day.

We decided to do a little more prospecting stopping off at some buttes on our path back to camp. Found some weathered chunks of bone on the surface that led back to at least 12″ of large limb bone going back into the hillside. Had to leave it for another day as we needed to get Jason cleaned up and on his way to Dickinson for an early flight home in the morning.

We stopped off at The Gem Theatre in Wibaux, MT for a splendid dinner then pressed on to drop him off. Then I headed back to camp to end a long day.