Saturday, 7/24

Up and went into town to do some chores; laundry, groceries, ice, update this blog, etc. I’m enjoying myself, basically not using a watch or being concerned what time it is. It was pleasant and not too hot this morning. Checked in by phone with a dino friend in Glendive, MT and we plan to get together maybe later this upcoming week. He was concerned that I may have melted while out in the badlands but I’m still among us!

Got back to camp then out into the field for a little prospecting. I spent a couple of hours walking up & down & around a butte looking at little parts & pieces of bone fragments but was unsuccessful at finding any sources.

Talked with a friend in town and agreed to meet up later at their home. Good to catch up with Nathan & Erika and see the home they bought and have been in for lass than a year. They’re doing well and it was good to catch up with them. Nathan & I went over to the Old Skool brew pub for a beer & snack. Then I headed back to camp. The evening ended the way the day started with a nice temperature and slight breeze.