Sunday, 7/25

Going to pick up another volunteer today. Ej will be with me for the next week. He’s my future son-in-law and has been on one previous dig. He claims to really like it but this super hot weather will be a test for him; as it is for everyone right now.

I got out to the 026-106, hadrosaur dig site early today. I gave this specimen the name Clarence when we worked it in 2019. So I’ll refer to this specific dig site as “working on Clarence” here on out in this blog. Removed more surrounding matrix soils from the 5 or 6 currently exposed pieces. Several are turtle shell fragments and some are bones from Clarence & still others are yet to be determined. Found two small (about 4” long) limb bones. They look complete so definitely not from Clarence. I think they are forearms (radius & ulna bones) from a very small creature. Sorry, didn’t grab a photo.

I laid out the grid pattern and added to our paper map the locations of several of the small finds. Collected them safely and closed up the dig site by gathering tools & covering bones still in place with tarps for protection.

Headed back to camp to clean up, lunch and leave to go pick up Ej at the airport in Dickinson, ND by 3:30pm.