Tuesday, 7/27

We turned the A/C on in the camper last night because it was still plenty hot at 11:30pm. Slept well and up and ready to get back to the Clarence dig site early this morning. We worked on removing more of the hillside above what looks to be a really good-sized turtle. It’s getting harder as every inch we go back the hillside is getting higher so we have more and more soil/rock to dig up and carefully remove that is directly above the fossil. We’re now about 4’ deep in overburden to be removed to get down to the fossil layer.

The extreme heat continued again today; got up to 104 degrees on the truck’s thermometer. And what breeze we did occasionally feel felt very hot indeed.

We were careful and stayed under a shade canopy set up over the dig site as much as possible. We also went back to the truck to take a break in the A/C. Had plenty of water and we kept hydrated but it was brutal outside today.

We successfully removed all the matrix above the turtle shell we discovered yesterday. Then we did the close up work to expose just the outline of the fossil so we could dig down all around it to prepare it for installing a field jacket of plaster & burlap.

We also found a second, smaller turtle shell about 12” away. It looks fairly complete also. We’re searching for any remaining bones from the hadrosaur but fun to find other neat things. Hope the weather breaks soon and we can be out longer and really enjoy prospecting for new finds.