Thursday, 7/29

Woke up this morning to a little pitter-patter of light raindrops on the roof of the camper. Actual rain, actually was falling! Heard from one ranch family here that this area has had only 1.85 inches of precipitation since Jan 1. That’s not total rain, but total precipitation; meaning they’ve had virtually no rain nor snow since January 1st. It’s too, too dry here. Bad for the grass that cattle need to eat, bad for the fire hazard the dry conditions make, bad for chance to grow any new grasses for hay production to feed the cattle once winter arrives and there is no grass to eat, etc.

So I’m not allowed to complain (out loud) about being rained out from going out on the ranch to our dig or to prospect. The trails we drive on are native clay (gumbo) that gets unbelievably slick when wet. So slick that if caught out on the ranch during a hard rain, you need to be prepared to leave the vehicle where it is and walk out. It’s not fun as I know from personal experience.

Wasn’t much rain this morning but we used it as an excuse to go into town for a few provisions and to stop in at my favorite coffee spot for a chai latte for me and a coffee for Ej. Visited a bit with a neighboring rancher, got some gas and ice and headed back to camp. Not to wet to go out but we called it off as it started raining a bit harder. Had a good dinner at camp and just enjoyed a day off from field work.

Some “friends” from around the ranch. When out in the field you have to make do!