Monday, 8/2

Had a nice breakfast in camp this morning and have just begun to be comfortable eating outside because of the lessening up of the extreme heat and smokey-haze. Wonderful. Also able to do some fantastic star gazing since the overcast night skies are clearing. Stars and views of the Milky Way like no other place I know.

We went out prospecting and Jeff caught on very quickly; able to discern fossil bone from rock. We spent most of the morning out & about, stopping for an hour or so to help Jeff excavate a partial rib bone we found. We stumbled upon it as it was eroding out near the surface down low – so lots of rock in the matrix around the bone making it a good learning experience. It was showing about 4” of bone and by the time we uncovered and under dug it it was about 16” long – a very cool partial rib from an unknown species that Jeff will work on back at the lab when I get home.

That small bit of color is Jeff out prospecting for signs of fossils.

We had lunch back at the Clarence site & got some shade cover up over us as it was getting hotter. We decided to remove some overburden to expand the size of the dig site with the goal being to find out if there’s any more of Clarence left to be discovered. I took the north side & Jeff the south and started in on hard work of just plain removing rock & soils from above the bone layer. Naturally, I found virtually nothing and Jeff found these on “his” side of the dig –

Looks to be another vertebrae from Clarence and two smaller bones right next to it. Very cool that there is more here! Maybe, just maybe the skull will be here and reveal itself soon.

We’ll be back at it tomorrow as I’m excited to see what else we can find here.