Tuesday, 8/3

We traveled into town for necessary provisions first thing this morning; you know, like coffee and chai latte at me favorite coffee spot in town! Did grab some groceries, replenished our ice needs and showed Jeff the ranch owners very neat store in town, Russell’s Clothing.

We stopped on way back to camp to check out an old windmill that used to work to pump water from a well to water the cows. It was quite old and the patina really showed it’s natural ageing. Close inspection showed the pride that must have gone into the manufacturing of the windmill by featuring the maker’s name and hometown so prominently on the vane.

We saw another windmill on the ranch as we drove to the Clarence dig site; this second one maybe even in better shape than the first. So cool to see these machines and think about the critical function they served in getting drinking water to the cattle. Both windmills were embossed with the ID that they were made in Evansville, Wisconsin. I know of Evansville, IN but have never heard of one in Wisc.

We dug on more bones at the Clarence site today; applying a field jacket to the vertebrae Jeff uncovered yesterday. See the time-lapse video below to see how a field jacket is applied.

We also worked to uncover the bones we started to see beneath the vertebrae we jacketed. Check out this time-lapse video to these set of bones slowly become uncovered. I’m seeing two more vertebra here that used to be hidden by the bone almost directly above them. Here’s a time-lapse video of us two exposing the fossilized bones and slowly discovering the outline of the mass of fossils.

Hope there just continues to be more & more parts and pieces of Clarence the hadrosaur exposed and identified.