Thursday, 8/12

Another beautiful weather day again today. It was overcast this morning and cool enough that I wore a jacket for the first few hours at the dig site. Went out to the Clarence site first thing and worked on removing overburden from above this next set of bones we’ve discovered.

Hard to see but several thin bones are seeing the light of day here at the bottom of a 5’ tall wall.

Busted out some cap rock and removed lots of shovel loads of sandy/gumbo soils. This dig site just keeps opening up and getting bigger. I took a break and drove out to the asphalt highway around noon to meet up with some friends coming from S. Dakota to visit the dig site. Tom, Breanna and 5 wonderful children met me and we had a very fun picnic lunch out on the ranch, saw who could spit their cherry pit the farthest, then toured the dig site and went prospecting for new fossil finds. Sure seemed like a good time was had by everyone and all found some small bits & pieces of real dinosaur bone and fossilized turtle shell. All the girls were successful at picking out the fossil bones from the surrounding rocks. Charlie was so successful she filled my pockets with her neat finds.

Here’s the whole crew who toured our dig site today.
I don’t think we lost anyone in a gumbo cave!

After a fun filled afternoon, our guests had to take off for their drive home. I worked at the dig site for a couple more hours then back to camp

Got cleaned up and went in to town to my favorite place , the Old Skool Brew Pub ti meet up with the owners, Susan & Dave, for supper and to catch up. Missed everyone from Old Skool because I was unable to travel out to Montana at all last year. Very nice to catch up with folks who feel like old friends. I am often so fortunate to make friendships with local people where we are doing dinosaur excavations. Like a home away from home when I’m here in Baker, Montana.

Look at that T-rex finger claw and Ava’s appearance of wonder.