October 4, 2021

We’ve had a few tours and got to share the fossil workshop with a few people over the last several weeks. I’m always glad to open it up and chat with people about what we do and their interests.

Also got to have a brief visit with an ex-intern, Lily, yesterday when she & her dad dropped off a big specimen she had been nicely working on off site. She skilfully paints pieces after all restoration is done to finish the items for display. She’s very good at it and the pieces come back looking great. Here’s a photo of her latest work on a sacrum (set of vertebrae fused together where the backbone meets the tail) from a hadrosaur excavated in 2018 in Montana.

Sacrum- set of vertebrae fused together during life. They test between the hip bones where the backbone meets the vertebrae of the tail.

Speaking of interns, we have a new intern in the shop this semester who just got started last month and is also doing well. Bailey is a local high school senior who toured the workshop with her mom and twin sisters years ago and has a serious interest in fossils and is learning the basics of how to clean & prepare them. Glad to have Bailey at the workshop and I’m sure she’ll do well and hope she enjoys her time being subjected to my constant chatter and my music selections!