Collaboration with the university

Some folks from University Information Technology Services (UITS to you & me) at Indiana University contacted me recently about collaborating with SIPI to use image technology to highlight our preparation lab building as well as select certain specimens, either completed or still inside plaster field jackets, to 3D image and present the items so a viewer of this web site can virtually “pick them up” and move them around. I believe they will even be able to CT scan some specimens so that you’ll be able to see what’s inside of them. How cool.

They approached us to see about doing the virtual tours of the building and scans os select items so that we can use this to share our story with others online and also so they can use the work as a tool to highlight what capabilities they have; to show off what they can do to recruit more academic uses of this technology. Photogrammetry, 3D imaging, CT scanning, using Matterport to “stitch” together the images for the tour, …. The technology is all over my head but sounds cool!

Scott capturing images outside the shop
Matt working on a fancy virtual tour using Matterport and exotic camera.
Scott grabbing more images from outside including the brick wall with fossils & other goodies built in to it.