New 3-D virtual tour

Here’s a link to a very cool interactive tool that lets you examine the fossil prep lab from top to bottom and even walk outside. It’s the result of a collaboration between SIPI and Indiana University Information Technology Services. Stay tuned for more to come of this. The plan is to digitize and scan many specific specimens in the shop and add those images to this tool; so people may not only “walk around” the shop but also click on certain specimens and move them around to examine them from all angles. We may also be CT scanning certain items so that you’ll be able to see inside the specimen. It will hopefully allow us to examine bone structure and placement of things that are buried inside a plaster field jacket full of bones. It also will allow us to share some of our specimens with other researchers virtually. What a neat new tool we’re adding to the web site!

The link below leads to the new virtual tour tool – the folks at IU just updated this today (11/17/21); adding spots of interest along the tour with written info and the ability to manipulate some of the items. Pretty cool!