Happy Intern

We’ve had a great intern working at SIPI for the past two semesters; Bailey is doing great and has been laboring away working on the clean up of a dinosaur vertebra for many hours over many weeks now. Bailey recently graduated from our local high school here in Martinsville and has been a good and fast learner as she moved from various small fossils to now working on a piece from an important dinosaur specimen. She’s working on one of the back vertebra from “Clarance” the hadrosaur we’ve been excavating for two seasons now from Montana. It was first discovered in 2018 two wonderful helpers from Italy first exposed the surface bones. Then in 2019 and 2021 we worked on excavating, protecting and removal of around 80 total bones so far from this one specimen. Glad to have interested and enthusiastic volunteers who help with every step along the way from discovery to excavation to clean up and lab preparation so the fossils are ready for display and further study. Thank you Bailey!

Bailey M. showing the results of many hours of painstaking work in the prep lab.
She’s hard at it