Local finds!

A good friend (Jeff, you know who you are) just gifted these couple of small treasures to me that he plucked from the beautiful creek that runs through their home property here in Morgan County. At first glance both look fully weathered like they’ve each been detached from their living selves for some time. The little skull looks like a raccoon but I’m doubting myself a little. If you know for sure please send me a private note. The jaw fragment with three or four molar teeth in it seems to be fossilized (it’s significantly heavier than it would be if modern bone) – much older. It’s sure not a common cow nor horse, but has pretty substantial size molars. Extinct mammal from Indiana? Sure doesn’t seem like could be canine, coyote, wolf, but maybe some much more removed mammal? I’ll do some research and see what I can figure out.

Thanks Jeff! Possible raccoon skull and jaw fragment with molar teeth from a ???