Can Steve Read?

Great question that I think we’ll all get an answer to next week when I do a guest drop in at our cute, local, kids bookstore in my home town of Martinsville. They may have made a major mistake but they invited me to come in next week and and read a story or two to the children and then share some dino stories of my own and show them some real fossils we’ve found and prepared. I’ll be at Fables & Fairy Tales ( bookstore on the square in downtown Martinsville on Wednesday, June 1st at 10:30 to read to and chat with some young kids. They’ll either love it or form up in a group and mutiny!? (very young kids can be ruthless)

Rumor has it that we will have a special gift treat for each person in attendance on 6/1 at 10:30. I thought I heard that we will be giving away a fragment of real dinosaur bone to everyone who comes in to participate. I guess we can make that happen!

Our local bookstore on the square
If I’m not mistaken there’s a dinosaur right there in the bottom left corner eying up all the other lowly animals about!