July 4, 2022

Happy Birthday America. I’m heading out for Summer 2022 field work in the morning. I’m ready to go, I think! I believe this is the least amount of pre-planning I’ve ever done prior to an extended trip out west. Been busy with other things and thoughts, I guess. Our daughter, Olivia, married a wonderful fellow, Ej, mid May in Southern California then I’ve been working on a few home projects and some friends and family get togethers; basically keeping busy having fun. Just have not gotten into normal pre trip advanced planning mode. Went through our list, checked it twice (kind of), packed the camper & truck in just the last few days, completed most of the needed repairs to gear and the camper, and I think I’m ready!?

Truck and camper cleaned & secured and ready to go in the morning!

I’m leaving early tomorrow, Tuesday, and plan to drive the northern route out to a ranch we’re working on in SE Montana. I’ll be stopping for some rest & sleep in Fargo or maybe Bismarck, ND. I’ve stopped the foolishness of driving the whole way out (@21-1/2 hours) without stopping to sleep. If I make it to Bismarck then I’ll only be about 3-4 hours away from my destination, making it a short drive on the second day. Set up camp, go to town for some provisions and head out to prospect for new fossil finds.

I’ll try to check in here with an update daily while out in the field. Some days’ posts may be delayed until I get to a spot I can access cell service. Keep an eye out for future blog posts and I’ll be sharing descriptions as well as photos & videos of our adventures.