Tuesday 7/5 On the Road

I took off to begin our summer 2022 trip early this morning. I stopped at a couple of interstate rest stops along the way for a little R & R and a lunch break. Ended up driving to Bismarck, ND and found a reasonably priced hotel for the night. Felt good to take a shower and rest after a long day in the truck. Drive went just fine. I listened to some podcasts I like that I wanted to catch up on and talked to se earful friends and family members during my drive time. Weather was warm and humid at home but got less so as I went farther north and west. Took the northern route out this time, leaving Indiana and heading up into Wisconsin, then over toward Minneapolis then north west to Fargo, ND. Pretty far north from home base and getting closer to Montana. More updates to follow as we get into the dig we worked on last year and any new explorations we do.

Rest stop next to a lake in Minnesota
Lunch stop along the road in Wisconsin (note the Wordle effort – did okay getting it in 4).