Wed, 7/6

Arrived at the Ranch and set up camp today. Drove 1306 miles over 20-3/4 hours in two days to get here. I am a bit tired. The grasslands are unusually green all around this part of Montana (Fallon County and areas nearby) and in western N. Dakota as well. Looks green, rich and healthy. It’s often parched, brown & bone dry by this time in July. The green grasses and abundant round hay bales I see just about everywhere are testament to the significant rains they’ve been experiencing here. This general topography is referred to as “high plains desert” and normally is quite dry by now, because spring rains typically close down, pack up and leave the area. This country typically doesn’t get a drop of rain for several months during the height of the summer (now). Ranchers need the rain and I’m for what they need but I secretly hope it goes away so I can get out there and start prospecting.

Took this photo from the truck in N. Dakota about 113 miles from the Montana boarder. Grass is green and lush and I need to find out what the bright, bright yellow crop is that I saw all around today.
Sun was setting and ominous cloud formations were forming around 8:30pm near the ranch where we set up camp. Grass looks great and round bales can be seen all over the place.

Went into town for some food provisions and ice this evening. Felt good to sit down on a bench near Lake Baker and relax while I chatted with my wife. Ran into a couple of friends at the grocery and headed back to camp for dinner. Starting to rain now about 11pm so prospecting in the morning may be out for tomorrow? We’ll see.