Friday 7/8

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Great weather day today. Started cool with overcast skies to the east; with some fog holding on the horizon. Had good nights sleep with most of the camper windows wide open. Something is not right with the 12 volt wiring in the camper that controls the interior lights. They won’t turn on! I’ll figure it out, eventually, and in the meantime have been using a bright flashlight for nighttime lighting. Spent some time this morning checking the electrical system in the camper to no avail. It’s a reminder that there are many moving parts to this whole fossil finding adventure. And all of it is okay; little trials are just part of the big picture.

Headed out in a different direction than yesterday to just walk about and prospect while also just scouting the trails to carefully make sure they’re passable and not too wet. Headed toward where we found and excavated a large piece of triceratops frill last season. But…. there was a cottonwood tree down over a skinny part of the path, a part I couldn’t easily just drive around. With all the water everywhere I just parked and walked about a mile or so in. Looked around for an hour or so with no luck. Walked out to the truck and back to camp – friend of mine is flying in today to join me for a week so I need to clean up and head to the nearest airport to me in Dickinson, ND – about a 2 hour drive.

While on my way to the airport for 5:30pm pick up I got a text message from Jared saying his flight is delayed and not sure he’ll make his connection in Denver in time! I press on anyway and about the time I arrive I get the text that he has missed the plane but can get next one which is set to land here at 10:20pm. So I’ll make the best of it and just hang out here.

Holed up at Phat Fish brewery in Dickinson. It’s a local brewpub and pizza place. I’ve been there one other time and enjoyed it. They kindly have free wifi and allowed me to hang out an inordinately long time! Pizza was great and their fruit infused wheat beer was equally good. Here’s their mascot on the wall –

Phat Fish brew pub and pizza place in Dickinson, ND

Will be collecting Jared shortly and carefully driving back to camp tonight. Will be in no hurry and will drive safely. One of the best things about our whole set up is there are (basically) no rules. So sleep in I shall in the morning.