Wednesday 7/13

Up early and ran into town for ice for the camp cooler and for a brief visit to Compass Coffee, my home chai tea break place when here at the dig. We headed back to camp then right out to the Clarence site where we re-layed out the 1 foot x 1 foot string grid pattern from control stakes left in the ground last year. Able to lay it out in exactly the same place so we can continue to locate on a scale map drawing where each bone is found in exactly the position it was in before it gets moved. Kind of a painstaking chore but necessary for knowing the relationship between each item found and studying patterns of dispersal. Grid re-established then hand drew the exact dimensions of each piece to scale on the grid paper map. Now finally ready to do some of the fun stuff. Jared & I teamed up to dip strips of burlap into a freshly mixed bucket of wet moulding plaster then apply these in overlapping coats around, over and under each specimen. Once they harden (in about 30-60 minutes) the pieces may finally be moved from the positions they’ve laid in for the past 66 million years.

“Jared’s” vertebra pedastaled and ready for field jacketing.
A 32” long rib in process of being pedestaled; almost ready for plaster jacket.

We field jacketed two items, the rib and “Jared’s” vertebra he discovered. We’ll carefully roll each over tomorrow, label them with an assigned ID # and they’ll be ready to be transported back to camp for safe storage until we head home to Indiana. I’ll post a photo here soon of the two ones in their completed field jackets.

We needed to cut out a little early as this is Jared’s last day on site and he needed to get to Dickinson, ND to catch his plane out early Thursday morning. Goodbye Jared and look forward to Tim joining me later this week.