Friday 7/15

Today is, unfortunately, a kind of repeat of last Friday! My friend who came to the dig last week had a flight delay before getting to Denver and therefore missed the connecting flight to Dickinson where I was to pick him up at 5:30pm. Instead he had to catch the next little puddle jumper plane five hours later, arriving at 10:30 instead of 5:30. Well, ……. It’s a repeat today. I had an errand I had to do and needed to be in Bismarck, ND before 5pm (central time) to pick up a part. So I left in time to be at airport at 5:30 (mountain time). Needless to say, I’ll be hanging out in Dickinson, ND for the next five hours just like my buddy, Tim, is now hanging out in the Denver airport for his unexpected layover of 5 hrs. Uggh. And this too shall all work out. Looking forward to Tim joining me; will be his first time out with us on a dino dig.

Drove to Bismarck, made some phone calls while on the road, listened to some podcasts. I got the part I needed for the camper and drove back toward Dickinson. No ranch prospecting for me today. I’ll just hang out and relax here until Tim gets in at 10:30.