Thursday, 7/14

Got up early and ran Jared to the airport at 6am. I admit that I “may have” gone back to the hotel and slept in a little more, maybe. Ran around all over Dickinson, ND looking for anyone who may have a line on getting a replacement converter electric panel thing for the camper. The lights and radio just drain the battery and the existing converter has just decided to stop converting electricity from the pole into 12 volt power to run lights, radio, etc. The converter also refuses to charge the battery normally so we’re just draining the battery down and getting no benefit from being plugged in! Went to 6 or 8 different stores starting with obvious, RV supply, down to less clear like auto parts stores, lumber yard and a tractor supply shop! No luck. Was given a lead on the next nearest option which was only 166 miles away. Cool.

Called Capital RV Supplies in Bismarck and a nice, patient fellow helped me ID what we needed, unfortunately said they didn’t have one in stock, but did say could order it and likely get it in tomorrow. Okay, sold. So I’ll be heading to Bismarck, ND tomorrow before I pick up another friend who is flying into Dickinson airport at 5:30pm.

Headed back to camp and got in a little prospecting on some exposed rock I have never walked before on this ranch; is a big place and there is a lot of territory I’ve never stepped foot on yet. Here are a couple of photos of the scenery where I was hunting.

Hoo-doos or toadstools, your choice of term. Formed by hard cap rock sitting on top of softer rock material below. Soft erodes away leaving hard cap “toadstool.”

View looking out from up the side of a tall butte towards lots of unexplored, exposed rock badlands on the ranch.

I saw some bits and pieces of scrap dinosaur bone fossil here and there but nothing obvious to stop and explore. Then I saw something that didn’t look like the other; a key to finding these partially buried treasures. Something that stands out by shape, texture or color an d catches your eye. Can you see it in the photo below?

Hint: follow the tip of the ice pick

Here it is after just rubbing it between my fingers and running a bit of water over it. Just a pretty, delicate little “bird point” arrowhead. I know nothing about man made artifacts but believe I’ve heard tiny points described as bird points. Guessing for hunting small game and birds?

It’s a whopper, measuring in at one inch from tip to bottom.

Cleaned up, had a cookout and then went into town to do some laundry and meet up with friends at Old Skool brew pub. Good to catch up with friends and meet new folks. The newest one I met is just 5 months old. Sweet Blakely joined us, I got to hold her briefly and she was great. Doing laundry in a laundromat is expensive but fast using a big capacity washer and dryer. Headed back to camp to call it a night.