Monday 7/18

Tim and I had a good day working at the Clarence the hadrosaur dig site today. Plenty hot again so good to be under & around the shade canopy we set up over the site.

Dig site under the canopy

We finished digging and pedestaling two bones – and installed the plaster & burlap field jackets on each.

Two bones field jacketed

Tim did some prospecting for new finds and just soaked up the feel of the environment. I hope he’s inspired by some of the sights and experiences he’s soaking up. Here’s Tim nearby the Clarence sight coming back from a prospecting walk about.

Tim, the master of his domain

Weather forecast showed a chance of some threatening thunderstorms in our area so we made sure to be partially packed up and ready to go with short notice. We leave much of our gear at the dig site so we don’t have to daily carry it back and forth from the truck. I can get pretty close to the dig in my truck but not right next to it. Would not want to hand carry all the tools and associated gear we use back and forth. Here’s a photo of how we leave the dig site each evening – all “buttoned up” with a tarp over some things that we don’t want getting wet (like the map case and paper map, the dry plaster, small hand tools, etc.). The canopy top is removed nightly because no matter how it’s tied down it can not handle the winds that routinely pass through this area.

Camp cleaned up and ready to weather a storm (if it comes)

The skies progressively got more and more intense so we decided to scoot toward camp. But the cloud shows and rainbows and rain patterns in the distance were too much to just pass by so we stopped along the path back to camp to take it all in. Here are several photos of the impending storm-

I’ll try to load a video I took that captures the haunting sounds of coyote calling back and forth to each other. Heard this while we were just parked along the trail to camp storm/sky watching at about 8pm. Beautiful light peaking through over us with tremendous cloud shows all around.