Friday 7/22

On my own at the Clarence site for a bit today. I found a small raptor tooth in a pile of loose matrix we had been removing form exposed walls of the dig site. So cool to see the black, shiny enamel of a tooth and especially cool to then fool it around in your hand or fingers and see & feel the clear serrations along one or both edges. Had to take off early to go over to the Dickinson airport to pick up Jeff, who will be here for a week to help out and enjoy himself. I cleaned up and left camp about an hour earlier than needed to stop by a used book store I heard about. It’s associated with the local public library with all proceeds going back to the public asset. Looking for a inspirational book Tim spoke to me about, The Four Agreements, but didn’t really expect it to be there. It wasn’t, but I met two nice ladies who work there. I found a real treasure; a large sized book titled The Torch has Passed. I couldn’t believe it – this is a compendium of AP newspaper stories and photos from the horrible day, and days after, of JFK’s assassination. So what? So, my parents had this volume when I was a wee child and I so vividly remember turning the pages and staring at those moving and horrible images. I’m not sure I could even read yet, but clearly recall turning those pages and studying the photos. It cost $1, so I could not pass it up.

Turns out Jeff was also going to be delayed in arriving at Dickinson; but not by nearly as much as the last two bums I collected there.  Jeff had a several hour delay trying to get out of his home airport in Indianapolis. Luckily he had a planned 4-hour layover in Denver to wait for the flight to DIK so seemed like he’d get here on time.  Seemed that way until he texted me from Denver to say his short flight to DIK is now delayed!  Turns out he was only delayed about 45 minutes so Jeff receives the award for least delayed arrived of the three so far!  

We drove west toward the ranch and decided to stop for dinner in Wibaux, Montana for a nice meal at the GEM restaurant. It’s in an old little movie theater, and is a very good place to eat in a fun location. We ate too much (prime rib night) and got back to camp a little after dark. Jeff’s settled in and we’ll be raring to go in the morning.