Thurs 7/21/22

Brad and family came back to the dig first thing Thursday morning. Erin found a very neat triceratops tooth. The family seemed to enjoy themselves again today, starting with musical show tunes being attempted on the truck ride to the dig. We drove out to the Clarence site and started the morning by crossing the draw to go check out Tim’s finds! And all prospect for new exciting things; everyone found something. The group helped at the Clarence dig again by removing overburden and probing into the layer we suspect holds the fossil bones. It was a short day as Tim is returning home to Chicago today. We took some group photos and said goodbye to our fun guests. Tim had to be at the Dickinson airport by 5pm to catch a flight to Denver then on home to Chicago. I grabbed a sandwich and a (small!) ice cream treat in town before I headed back to camp. Got back in time to then go into town in Baker to do a load of laundry.

Here’s a group shot of the good crew for the last two days –