Tuesday 7/19

We had a good day today out and about on the ranch. We did a tree removal chore where a cottonwood had fallen over the narrow trail we drive on. Tim and I borrowed a chain saw and made short order of clearing the path. It was quite cool out this morning as we got started; such a different feeling than we’ve had for the last couple of weeks. The weather change also brought on some strong winds. Heard later that we had sustained 40mph winds for a couple of hours around mid day. Those winds sure made the tall grasses whip about like rough waves on the water. I’ll try again to post a video I took but don’t think I’m able to?

Tree we helped remove from blocking a “road” on the ranch.

We traveled to a favorite spot I named petrified wood alley to see how things have changed. Tim was really into finding striking examples of unusual rocks and some pet. wood. I found a few interesting samples of petrified or “agatized” wood. I’ll try to remember to take a couple photos of what we found and post them here later.

Continued our tour of the some special places on the trench by driving near “Juliet’s” butte; that’s where we excavated the really big hadrosaur dino several years ago. It’s up very high over the ranch giving dramatic panoramic views. Did I mention 40mph winds with gusts into the 60’s? We didn’t stay up there very long as it felt like our eyes were being sandblasted with airborne particles.

“Juliet’s” butte in wonderful evening sunlight.

Headed to the Clarence site and set up our shade canopy and had lunch. Then started in to probing for any possible new pieces; the site was clear at that time (meaning no known bones showing anywhere). I didn’t find much of anything but Tim did. He probed and found the beginning of another bone! Not sure what it is but looks rib-like. It’s about 13” long and has an offshoot that could be rib.

Tim’s neat find that he fully excavated by himself – his 1st dino bone from start to finish (of the collecting process).

Back to camp and the winds died down ending in a dark and star-lit night. So cool to see the Milky Way so clearly, satellites cruising by and an occasional “shooting star.”