Thursday 7/28

Had a nice breakfast in camp and then headed out to prospect specifically for micro fossils and especially for fish scales that also fossilize. Jeff has an idea for a project that involves decorating it partially with these enamel looking, shiny fossilized fish scales from ancient gar and other extinct fishes. Anything found in the “dirt” here in this location is from a geological formation called Hell Creek. Around this ranch property we estimate most of the fossil bearing soils to be from the very late Cretaceous period, around 66-67 million years old. Therefore any fossil found in this formation is from this age range. The fish scales we picked up where happily swimming around as dinosaurs were walking above. These are old fish!

Saw this egg placed back under this rock while searching for micro fossils. Egg from an ….? I don’t know, do you have a a guess? Bird, snake?

We stopped by 4 or 5 places to search for micro fossils. Some new places to me and several I knew from past visits to be hot spots for micros, including fish scales. Had a good day searching around and finding mostly gar scales for Jeff. The weather was so pleasant, especially in the shade with a slight breeze, that I took a nap up on top of a butte that I call “The Pyramid, ” for the pointy top piece. Didn’t nap on the point; but in the shade of the pyramid after lunch. Jeff said I was out, snoring, for at least an hour & a half. I have my reasons to doubt him, but I was tired and it felt good and I did rest my eyes for just a bit, Jeff!

Okay, so Jeff got a break while flying on Friday and sent me what he calls “evidence” of said napping; just ‘cause he has a photo doesn’t make it true! We’re about 100 feet above ground below in the shade of a pyramid shaped sandstone butte. Nap I did!
Jeff consulting the internet gods for advice on how to find fossils OR how to deal with being around Steve?

Back to camp with beautiful skies and weather conditions and we cleaned up and headed out for Dickinson, ND. Jeff catches a plane home from there early morning Friday and he’s got a hotel in town. I’m staying the night there as well so I can give him a ride to the airport early a.m.