Sunday 8/7

Was a cloudy and overcast morning with no discernible sunshine after the whole day + of rain yesterday. Pretty unusual to not see the sun rise and have clear skies here. Got going and made up some lunch for myself then headed out to prospect another area of the ranch I’ve never been on before.

Walked a mile or so from where I left the truck and explored along a fence line. I’ve been told more than once about past owner of this part of the ranch who was fencing some rough areas and had to knock down some hills and uncovered some bones. Possible triceratops? Well, I think I found the suspect site and found a whole lot of weathered and greatly broken up pieces of bone all over the surface. The bone is all white, covered in some kind of mineral that seems to appear when bone is exposed at the surface for a while. Becomes uncollectible as it’s all broken and shattered into small pieces and completely covered in this white mineral that seems to have etched itself into the surface of the bone (therefore, not to be cleanly separated from the bone itself). Here’s a couple of photos of what I saw today –

Both these photos show oodles and oodles of fossil bone that became exposed at the surface and deteriorated.
That’s a lot of shattered fossil. Not collectible, in way too many pieces.

The cloudy and cool morning began to turn and I shed a layer or two of clothing along with the rising temperatures. Still very pleasant and mild day as the clouds broke up to be replaced by our classic Montana sunshine. Here’s a photo from near where I found the exposed bones above. It’s a lot more grass and tree covered than the buttes I normally hunt.

Morning shot before the clouds broke up.

Got back to the camp to clean up and take off to pick up a friend at the Dickinson, ND airport at his scheduled arrival time of 5:30pm. Let’s hope he’s the lucky one who does not suffer through any flight delays. Heard from him as he took off on time from Indy and he has a longish layover in Denver, so maybe he’ll be the first to arrive on time. Had a thankfully uneventful drive to Dickinson and got there in time to stop and relax at a coffee shop for a bit. Got a note from Jason saying his plane is expected to be delayed about 30 minutes leaving Denver. So string of flight delays is a perfect 4 for 4. But, updated note from United shows, although leaving late from DEN, the plane should land at 5:45. Great. Picked up my friend from Bloomington and offered him his choice of dinner spot – pizza brew pup or sushi place. He picked sushi and we went for it. It was a fine place and we shared a good meal together. Took a phot to show friend from Baker, MT that we are taking his suggestion to try the sushi!

All tasted good as we relaxed; Jason from a long day of travel and me from walking and hiking up and down in the wet gumbo clay soils.

Drove back to camp with nice evening sun, then sun set, then dusk set it as we rolled up into camp. Good night mouse, good night rabbit, good night coyote – all friends from around the camp.