Friday 8/12/22

Had a good day today out prospecting on the ranch. Jason and I headed to some areas I have no ever been to before. It’s challenging, fun, sometimes boring and occasionally exhilarating to find a new bone or set of bones. We walked some really beautifully carved and sculpted exposed rock buttes today. Did not find much until we did. Jason came across some large chunks of bone that had been exposed to the elements for a long time. Not collectible, but very cool he found it and could ID the remains as clearly dinosaur bone. While he was on that chore I stumbled across some little fish (gar) scales. They are cool and pretty common and abundant when you get down close to the ground and search for them. Sometimes finding an isolated couple of fish scales is all there is, and sometime finding a few in one general area may lead to finding a whole lot more. That’s what happened to us today. The first few scales led to many more new ones appearing. Also found an isolated tooth or two, many tiny little vertebrae, plus a couple of pieces dermal bone from a salamander or lizard.

In the area where we choose to start our exploring today.
Similar but different. Sometimes it feels like it all could be just bumps nearby and we can’t find anything , then it turns and seems like with every steps
Wild, twisted cedar tree remains.

It was quite hot again today with temperatures getting up to mid-90’s. And we didn’t have much breeze at all to give relief. But we pressed on. We eventually called it a day after we stumbled upon some bison bones before stopping for lunch break. Jason found a beginning to be fossilized arm bone and I found a partial skull. So we loaded our packs and continued carrying these heavy bones back to

Toadstool/HooDoos in the strangest places and in strange angels.

That was our last day on the ranch. A little bittersweet finishing up and saying goodbye to the ranch after being here, living on it, for a good 5 weeks. After our lunch break we got busy breaking down camp. We didn’t have quite enough room to pack everything in hiding places re ended up being a few oddities sticking out here and there! There’s a gnarled cedar tree small trunk that’s all twisted and weathered sitting up high and proud in the bed of the truck along with the remains of a cow’s hip bones and backbones still articulated together, holding on somehow. Quite a site driving down the highway, I’m sure!

Lunch time in the shade before we got back to camp to work to breakdown and pack up camp.