Saturday 8/13/22

Got up early and ran Jason to the airport in Dickinson, ND. Then I showered and took off for my drive home starting out at 7:45am. It’s about a 21 hour drive (from camp to my home) and already taken two hours off that yesterday when we drove from the ranch to here. The truck and camper resemble our set up at the Clarence dig – post modern hobo vibe! See for yourself!

There’s definitely something(s) wrong here? Looks a bit like the Clampets on their way to Hollywood.
And at the hotel in Dickinson Saturday morning. Most of the things hanging on by a thread made it this far! (That’s water from the ice cooler not a leak from the truck)

The drive was mostly uneventful. Stayed on the interstate all day, which is more boring than state roads but significantly faster (I know from previous drives home). In fact, I got on I-94 in Dickinson and took it all the way to Madison, Wisconsin. No turns, just follow straight ahead for @13 hours. At Madison I do slight lean right and the road become I-90 headed south. Drove to Rockford, IL where I got a hotel room for the night. Showered and slept so ready for the last leg of the drive home tomorrow morning. Will have about 5 hours left of my drive tomorrow to reach home in Martinsville, IN. I promised Elizabeth and myself several years ago that I would no longer drive straight through the whole 21-1/2 hours from the ranch near Baker, MT to home. Sleepy time now.