Sunday 8/14

Last day of the trip! Woke up in my hotel in Rockford, IL, grabbed a chai tea at nearby Starbucks (1st Starbucks in 5 weeks) and took off for home by about 8:45am. Drove the last five hours home with nothing significant happening (that’s good) and got home about 4pm local time. It was a good trip, a good field season out in Montana and now am glad to be home. It took 20 and a half hours of driving and was 1212 miles from the ranch to our driveway at home.

I like to keep track of the animals I see and sometimes just hear while I’m out on the ranch. This year I saw …. prairie chicken, pronghorn antelope, pheasant, hawks of various types, owl, rabbit, porcupine, magpie birds, mule deer, white tail deer, coyote (saw & heard), gopher, Montana rattle snake, scorpion, turkey, chipmunk, shooting stars!, flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats, prairie dogs, non-rattle snake, golden eagle and a bat! Just some of the animals I have gotten to know. Oh yeah, and cattle, lots of cattle!

Here are a couple of random photos I don’t think were posted anywhere in the blog before. If they were, please excuse the oversight. Been a great trip, I’m tired now and glad to be home.

Starting at a possible …. what? Looks like an upside down vertebra from the “Olivia” dig.
One of the last days at the Clarence dig site with Steve’s classic pose – eyes firmly shut for the photo!
Lunch with Jason at Clarence site.
Lunch in the shade near the Olivia site
Thanks Jason, where would I be without friends like this who would take and the doctor up and release a picture like this?! Steve sitting outside the rancher’s wonderful clothing store, Russell’s, waiting for it to open.