New College school year starts

Steve and Ben Franklin on campus for first day of classes

I am back at Franklin College (yes, named after ol’ Ben F.) teaching a lab class this fall semester. Leading students in the fossil lab as they learn ins & outs of fossil clean up and preparation. I taught same lab class last year, and for some reason unknown to me, they invited me back to do it again. Franklin is a small, private college that couldn’t be more different than my personal college experience from 40 (!) years ago. I attended (and graduated from, thank you very much!) Indiana University along 35,000 other students. Franklin has an enrolment of around 1100 students. I sure like being a little part of this special college and hope I can provide a fun opportunity for students to explore paleontology and fossil preparation. I have two students signed up for class so far and we’re promoting the fossil lab across campus to generate some more interest. Like to have 4 or 6 students if I can recruit them.

Posters on campus to highlight the opportunity to sign up for the fossil lab course.

First day of classes is today so I’m heading out to humiliate myself in the dinning hall by setting up some bones to generate interest. Let’s hope I don’t scare the student body too much! Teaching the lab Monday & Wednesday afternoons this semester.