Saturday, 9/10

Got the mail on Saturday at home and saw a publication from Franklin College, where I lead a small lab only course on how to clean & prepare fossils. The publication was a fundraising piece that described the big picture about what Franklin College is all about, what makes it very special and a creative small liberal arts college. It was fun for me to turn through the 4 or 5 pages and see an image of me & a student hovering over fossils along with a description of our course, the “Fossil Lab.”  They headline the entry as a new opportunity at the college. I’m humbled, and hope the lab course really does attract attention and more students find out about the offering and decide to go for it. Where else can students handle and work on real 66 million year-old dinosaur bones?

Fun to see the college using our Fossil Lab to promote the variety of offerings on campus.

Last fall I had four students and this semester I only have two! Wasn’t sure the college would want me to proceed but they did, so I’m back at it. I hope to work with some folks in the biology dept. soon to try to better promote the class for future notice by the student body. The course listing is now kind of buried deep in the Biology curriculum, and although it’s a BIO course it is open to non-majors so I’m hoping to get support to have it appear differently in future course catalogs. We’ll see.