New semester moving right along!

This fall semester class at Franklin College is speeding right along. It’s certainly feeling and looking like Autumn around campus and at home and it’s time for mid-term grades to be posted – half way through the class already! Of course my two smart students are doing well and are now fully engaged with their main project – cleaning and preparing an important dinosaur fossil bone from the hadrosaur specimen I excavated this year.

Elliot is working on a small, delicate rib which presents challenges because it’s so fragile and Mackenzie is working on a so far unknown bone – it may be a partial rib or could be part of one of the hip bones. We hope to be able to determine exactly what it is as it gets fully exposed & cleaned. Both students are learning how to apply the techniques they experimented with on smaller pieces at the beginning of the semester as they now face harder challenges to remove “encrusted” rock from the fossil surface when the dividing line between these two surfaces is often almost indistinguishable.

Both students are doing well and so far have been able to handle being around me with my somewhat constant “chirping.” I fear that I do talk too much! Here are a couple of photos from the small lab we work out of in the Science Building on campus – our lab area is gradually getting known as the “Fossil Lab!”

New sign posted on the door of the lab area to help folks find us.
Two students at the end of class yesterday showing their fossil specimens each is working on.