Oct 19 – Fossil Talk

I had a great day presenting to a group of adult learners at an off campus outpost of Miami University (of Ohio). The mother of a good and long-time friend of ours coordinates the speakers for this outreach from the university and invited me to come present near Cincinnati.

I survived, my attendees survived, it seemed to go pretty well when all was said and done! They were an attentive group who had many questions and seemed to get a kick out of learning about all things dinosaur. And I only ran 5 minutes over my allotted time frame – fair for a guy who sometimes (always?) doesn’t know when to wrap it up! Although I didn’t get many takers to my request for volunteers to go on a prospecting adventure out west next summer, I think some of them would be up for it. Here are a few photos from the day…

Who sees the dinosaur in this photo?
Trying to not “talk with my hands” by binding them behind my back!
One vertebra out, one still in a plaster field jacket.
Getting up close to check out the sample specimens we brought along.
Someone lost an arm!