Ahhh, another shop tour

We had a fun homeschool group come through a couple of weeks ago. I’m just getting around to posting a few photos from that afternoon. Good age spread from around (?) 8 to 12+ year olds. They were a good and attentive group. Hopefully some budding palaeontologists in the group?! They got to check out a bunch of different dino bones, the tools we use to clean specimens and check out a variety of different fossils (including holding many). It’s great I get to share this with local people, and give a fun introduction to all things fossil.

Did I just pinch the fellow in front – maybe? Anything’s possible on dino tours.
Bodi lecturing (again!). They were a great group snd were very tolerant with me.
Talking micro-fossils; little tiny specimens in the jewel case in the background. Not all fossils are huge.
And then …. some fossils are pretty big! We’re looking at & talking about all the field jacketed bones yet to make it over to the preparation workshop area. All things in due time.
Checking out a big fossil turtle.
What could possibly go wrong? Just a group of kids loose in a showroom of glass shelves full of heavy fossils!