Lordy, lordy, look who appeared!

Meet Sharilyn, the gnome-eating, fun-loving, silly dinosaur who just randomly showed up at the shop.

Walked over to the shop last night and who did appear?, why, it’s a gnome-eating, big-‘ol, green fighting machine! This fellow was just hanging out on top of my pile of bricks near the front door, like he had just wandered over on his own and decided to stay! It happens from time to time; some critter will just show up at the shop leaving me no choice but to take them in.

I somehow didn’t make the obvious connection that my dear sister was visiting earlier in the day to celebrate her birthday. We had agreed to no Christmas present exchange but she did expressly say exemptions always exist for dinosaurs. Silly me. I didn’t put Sharilyn + new dino toy randomly appearing together. It was her! Maybe we’ll just name this gnome-eater, Sharilyn, in her honor!