More Fossil Talks

I had a nice visit to two fourth grade classes here in Martinsville last week. Mrs. Cameron invited me to share with her class and a 2nd class joined for a group of about 30 students. They were really attentive and had good questions. Got several volunteers who agreed to go out west with us sometime in the future to explore for fossils!

The group up close to be able to see the specimens on the tables.
Talking teeth – usually a good place to talk about approximate age of the animal in question, how it ate, etc.
Two brave souls volunteered to examine coprolites to try to decide what they were. A few guesses and they were on it.

And did a tour for a long time friend, Kara B. (now Kara S.!) who is an ex-employee of mine at my old business. Kara is great! She brought her father-in-law, as well as her husband and mom-in-law, to take a tour of the fossil workshop over the weekend. It was so good to see Kara after several years since she last worked with us. Her Father-in-law, Steve, has a passionate interest in dinosaur fossils so he was the main reason for the visit. Good to connect with him and check out some items he’s acquired over time. We had a tour of the facility and talked fossils too much for everyone else, I’m sure. Here are a few photos from Saturday.

Just two guys comparing turtle shell fossils
Checking out a rough, partial triceratops brow horn fragment
Just Kara, enough said!
Talking fossils some more