Summer Camp Dino Time!

Helped kick off a week long summer camp for middle school age kids at Franklin College this week. There were several tracks students could choose from, including “Let’s Dig It!,” focusing on the science related to dinosaurs. Each day an instructor would be teaching the kids a different discipline offered through our science department. Fossil cleaning and preparation, dna sampling, geo-spacial analysis, and animal anatomy.

The week kicked off on Monday with me sharing general info about fossils, prospecting for dinosaurs, tools used, possible careers in paleontology and preparing/cleaning fossils in a lab environment. Then each student got to use hand tools to attempt to clean a real dinosaur bone fragment found in the Hell Creek Formation in Montana. I think the group did alright; some showed more patience than others when it came to the time it takes to find every speck of rock & dirt attached to a specimen and the wherewithal to stay focused while cleaning their fossil. They got to keep their real dinosaur bone fossil specimen to show everyone at home.

Talking about some of the tools of the trade we use to excavate fossils and record the finds.
Leading the “Let’s Dig It!” section of Franklin College’s summer camp – Camp GRIZ – for local central Indiana middle schoolers.
Q&A time with Steve and the campers who chose the dinosaur fossil section of camp for the week.

I hope the rest of the week goes well for the campers enjoying Camp GRIZ, @Franklin College Grizzlies!