Up, up & away!

I took off this morning on my start west for this year’s field work searching for fossils. Left at 5am for places west. Heading to Fallon County, Montana to continue on a dig we just got started on last season. Don’t know what it is, if wait will turn out to be a considerable amount of a specimen or not, nor what it is. We shall see!

Also have plans to visit friends at a couple of different ranches in South Dakota while I’m out. I have a couple of friends coming out to join me at the dig site including a group from Germany. We’ll see if more come at the last minute or I may be working alone some of the time.

Keep an eye on this site for routine updates from the dig site. Last year we had internet access at camp and if it’s the same I’m more able to update the blog daily. If not, it gets updated every couple of days when we go into town for provisions (beer, steaks, groceries, my favorite coffee shop – not necessarily in that order!).

My “Outfit,” as they call it out west, ready to take off Tuesday evening from home. Loaded and ready for takeoff Wednesday at 5am.