Sunday, 7/9

Had a productive day getting the dig site ready for friends to join me starting tomorrow. I set grid stakes in place & pulled string between each set of stakes so can draw the exact placement of each fossil bone before we move any of them. We take field notes about each item, photographs and add them to the scale map drawing to track all the relevant information possible before moving anything from its original place.

Showing how close we can drive to this dig site – pleasure to be this close.

Doing the actual measuring and drawing of each item is time consuming and kind of painstaking. I’m slow, maybe someone else has figured out a better, easier way, but I have not! Finished up our mapping of all items uncovered so far and it totals 21 separate bones. This number and the identity of each will change as we uncover them more and do the real clean up and preparation back in the lab setting. For now we are trying to record each item, big or small as best as possible right where they were found and in relation to each other.

Wrapped the evening by sitting down and clearing away some matrix from what looks to be a humerus, upper arm bone. Fun to actually be doing some discovery to confirm what I thought we have found. And great to see the real shapes take place. I need to be cautious and not overdo the clean up at the dig site. Just trying to expose the contours of each piece so it can be mapped then field jacketed for a safe trip back to the workshop where the real work takes place in cleaning and repairing each piece to its best finished state.

Photo of cleaned up dig site at the end of the day

While doing the layout of the grid I found a couple of small fossilized fish scales, likely from a gar. Take a look and see if you can spot the dark fish scale in this photo –

That’s a glove dropped in the photo for scale