Monday, 7/10

Great day today as four friends from Germany arrived to join the dig crew. Two are friends for several years and two are new to me and are also good people. met them in town at “my” coffee shop. We did some shopping for essentials, you know, cowboy hats, western shirts, Marlboro cigarettes, oh, and gas, ice and food. Got back to camp and helped them set up water and electricity to their RV. We then set out for some fossil hunting.

We went out on the ranch and all started seeing the difference between rocks and fragments of fossilized material. I stopped by an area known to me to often have quite a bit of micro fossils; small bits and pieces and small complete fossils. Everyone started to find things and identify the difference between rocks and fossils. We found items like fish scales, bits of dinosaur bone, some tooth parts and turtle shell pieces.

Martin, Martina, Angelica & Thorsten being funny around the toadstools.

We got back in the truck and drove around to another area that often shows a lot of fossil material being eroded at the surface. Again everyone started to find things. Martin partially had a good eye and spotted a small nib of possible dino bone so he cleared away the matrix above it and exposed a about 12” of good solid bone, possibly a lower jaw of a hadrosaur!

We gathered ourselves and headed to the main dig site where we are working on exposing our latest find – possibly a triceratops. Everyone seemed to enjoy joining in and helping to clear away the surrounding stone and collecting some smaller bones and bone fragments to clear the site so we can work on the larger bones. What a pleasure the four are to be around and work with. They got right in there and started in on the heavy lifting work of breaking through the hard pack clay soils so we could find any more bones

At the triceratops dig site.

We finished up and headed back to camp to clean up and make a nice meal of steak and fish and potatoes for our evening meal. All pitched in and helped and we elected to eat in my camper as the table area is a little bigger than in their rented RV. What a pleasure to have the group together for fun conversation and companionship.