Thursday, 7/13

We went back to the main dig site today where more of the hard clay/rock surrounding the bones was dug and removed. But no new bones showing up. After a bit we all worked together to learn how to apply burlap strips soaked in wet plaster over a fossil to make a field jacket that when dry will become hard and protect the specimen inside. Some cut the burlap into the right length strips others mixed the plaster and some worked to apply the burlap strips to the fossil covered with aluminum foil. Before you know it a field jacket has been formed around the contours of the fossil and it’s starting to dry into a hard solid field jacket. The gang worked on the humerus first then moved on to 3 small pieces that may be form the frill shield of the triceratops. These three were also jacketed and will soon be ready to be flipped over so under side may be covered in plaster as well.

Three people went on a prospecting walk about while Martina and I stayed at the site. We both were reading and enjoyed some conversation while the crew was on a nearby walkabout. They came back from exploring with a large piece of what looks like a significant sized bone. Some thought it was possibly a triceratops brow horn but I thought it may be some sort of fossilized wood? Turns out the consensus is that the piece is dino bone from a large limb.

More surrounding rock has been removed so there is an ample path around the whole set of bones making applying the field jackets so much easier. There has been significant time for the humerus to dry so my friends worked together to carefully roll the the piece over after breaking it free from the pedestal of rock/soil it had been standing on.

We finished up on the site and drove back to camp then had a nice meal of steaks and salad together; our last in the camper since we plan to go out for evening meal tomorrow, Friday. It has been sufferingly hazy/smokey here on and off the last few days. Heard about really significant forest fires in Canada and smoke has been infiltrating many different areas all over the US. Hope the skies clear soon!